Topshop Love

1. £16, 2. £16, 3. £20, 4. £33, 5. £55

I got a £30 Topshop voucher in the post from my Auntie the other day 🙂 It’s a belated Birthday present which made me very happy!

I was looking around the Topshop website for something to spend the voucher on but there was nothing that I totally loved (usually there is). So I was a bit disappointed, I’m not good at saving money, even if it is a voucher.

I did find these 5 things though. Didn’t realise at the time that there is a definite colour scheme going on! My favourites are the skirt, bag and vest. Unfortunately the skirt is not only pricey, but also made of suede so it needs to be dry cleaned 🙁 Not doing that at £7 a go!

So vest and bag it is then I reckons!

What do you think?

Chloe… x