Monthly Favourites – October

Monthly Favourites – October

I’m not crazy about Halloween but I do love Christmas, so I’m super happy that this time of year is finally here! I love it in October and November when Christmas starts creeping in and the excitement begins – we have it all to look forward to!

 This month I’ve been super busy with work and so I’ve been enjoying having the weekends just to chill out and get cosy – so even better that Stranger Things is out 🙂 The exception to this was around the middle of the month where we went to Simple Things festival. Jack works for Crack Magazine who are involved with the festival, so luckily we got free tickets. We had a great night but I just cannot handle my hangovers anymore!

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve been loving in October…

Monthly Favourites – October


Petite Passport

I was looking for recommendations of interesting hotels to stay in in London and came across Petite Passport. Pauline stays in some amazing places all over the world and offers reviews and recommendations on her blog along with some beautiful photos. She also offers e-books and printed books with her recommendations on different cities. I’m planning a trip to Paris at some point so I’ll definitely be using her knowledge of the trendiest places to eat and stay.

Monthly Favourites – October


Blood Normal, Bodyform

I’m always talking about what a rubbish deal we’ve got having periods. I have bloody (lol) awful ones where I get migraines and just feel so tired I can’t move. And what makes it even worse is when you don’t feel you can talk about it, or are embarrassed about it. I remember at school I used to be absolutely terrified that a tampon would somehow fall out of my bag and someone would notice, or that I’d leak in the night and someone would see in the morning. It seems bizarre that even the sanitary companies are trying to make periods look more acceptable with blue colouring on their adverts where blood should be. This campaign by Bodyform – Blood Normal – aims to change that, and I bloody (lol sorry) love it! And even better it’s shot beautifully by AMVBBDO.

Monthly Favourites – October


Stranger Things 2

I know everyone’s been talking about it but it really is such a great series with a fantastic soundtrack. Being a complete scaredy cat I was very pleased that this series was more exciting and thrilling than spooky (anything to do with ghosts and aliens means I don’t sleep for weeks). And I just loved the development of Eleven’s character in this series.

Monthly Favourites – October


Ctrl, Alt, Delete: How I Grew Up Online

After LOVING Emma Gannon’s podcasts (who doesn’t?!) I finally decided to buy her book ‘Growing Up Online’. I know I’m late to the party on this one but I’m really enjoying it. Being the same age as her I can totally relate to everything she’s describing – when going on a night out also meant taking a digital camera and uploading 200 photos to Facebook (even the blurry ones so you can emphasise just how drunk you were), and talking to random people on chat rooms and MSN but having to stop when your mum wanted to use the landline. It’s amazing how much technology grew with us and how much it influenced our teenage years. She also has a great insight into how social media and the internet are shaping our lives now, in many ways that we don’t notice. I’ve seen that she has a new book out next year, so I’m very excited for that.