Life Update – Getting a design job and moving house

Life Update – Getting a design job and moving house


So I have been away from blogging for a looooong time and a lot has happened. I used to blog as a creative outlet, but when I started my degree in Graphic Design pretty much all my creative energy was going into that, and this blog took a major back seat. I’ve always had in mind that I wanted to start blogging again and I’ve continued to read blogs and watch Youtube. I also had a lot of apprehension: when I started blogging it was a very different world. I feel like the standard has increased an insane amount now and that makes me a little nervous – I don’t have a crazy good camera or a marble worktop to take flat lays on. But then I just thought, I used to blog just because I enjoyed it so I may as well just do it the way I want to (even if that means it’s a little rough around the edges). It’s been a year since I finished uni and I’m starting to feel that I’d like another creative outlet – more of a personal project and somewhere I can organise all the photos I take.

I don’t even mind if no one reads this (I feel like blogs are being taken over by youtube now?!) but I just want this little space to be able to ramble on and be creative.

So what’s been going on? Well, I finally graduated (second time lucky after dropping out of uni 6 years ago) and got myself a job! I was absolutely terrified throughout uni that I would end up jobless and the last 3 years would be pointless. Especially as I knew how competitive creative jobs are, and I always noticed the worried looks people give you when you say you’re doing a creative subject (“I’m sure it’s fun but can you make a living from it???”). And to be honest it really wasn’t easy, but 40 job applications, 5 interviews, 1 unpaid job and 6 months later (and after a LOT of self doubt) I finally found a 3 day a week job that I LOVE. And then another amazing one came along for the other 2 days a week. So I’m very lucky that everything worked out in the end.

During my job hunting I did have to move out of the house in Bristol that I’d been living in for the last 2 years. And that was really sad as I had been determined to stay there. BUT, everything happens for a reason and it meant that I could move in with my boyfriend (even if we’re a bit further from Bristol than we’d like).

So anyway, I’m looking forward to updating this blog with all the things I like. After spending all week designing things for other people and the way they want them, I’m excited to do a bit of designing for myself and pretty much just do what I want to do…

I’m going to aim to post every Sunday (at least) so stay tuned 🙂

(P.S. If you’re interested, my graphic design portfolio is at I’ve just updated it, finally).