Few Things Friday

Ooooh right there ^ is a title of a new feature! So I think on a Friday I will post a ‘Few Things’ I’ve been doing during the week or have been interested in.
This is me before a night out last weekend. I hadn’t done my hair yet but thought I’d take a picture of myself seeing as I have hardly any pictures of me looking fresh faced. I was also wearing one of those peter pan collar dresses from Topshop. I need to do an outfit post of it soon! I’m planning on putting white over the collar so it’ll look more Alexa Chung-esque πŸ™‚
The Like!  Been listening to these guys all week. Love the 60s music and clothes. Just love all of it! I want to be one of them please πŸ™‚
This is my new (ish) handbag and I absolutely love it. Okay it is from Topshop but I’d been lusting after it for ages and ages. I’ve never bought a handbag over about Β£25 before and this one was Β£50. I suddenly realised I don’t know why I never spend more on a bag that I use every single day. All my cheap ones always break on me so hopefully this one will last me a while! My first real leather bag too πŸ™‚
So, I think that’s the end of my Few Things Friday! Hope you liked it, I’ll write about more interesting things next time!
Chloe… x