Design Magazines: My favourites

Design Magazines: My favourites

Although the future of print is uncertain, there’s something so much more pleasing about seeing the colours come to life on a page, and having contact with printed paper. There’s so much that goes into printing a magazine, since there’s no changing it at a later date, and I really hope that the medium isn’t lost one day. Currently, I think there’s a place for both forms and, if anything, these alternative magazines are becoming more niche and special. I’ve got quite the collection now, I just love how they’re as substantial as books and each one has a totally different aesthetic. I have to admit I’m not the best at reading them (going to see how many I can fit into my holiday suitcase!), but I love turning to them for visual inspiration. I thought I’d share some of my favourites I’ve picked up recently. I might also do a post about my favourite magazine shops, as I think they’re really something worth supporting, and the best places for inspiration - I always come away (usually a few quid lighter) wanting to print something myself!

Please! Magazine

I wasn’t familiar with this before seeing it on the shelf, but was instantly drawn to the bright yellow colour, and the hardback print. Sometimes the inside of a magazine disappoints me a little, compared to the cover, but this one didn’t at all. Bright colours, amazingly creative photography, strong typography and a lovely matte paper means I’m definitely looking out for future issues. They also have a super interesting blog, check it out here.

The Gourmand

I’d never read this magazine before, but I’ve recently been more interested in photography styling, and since I work for a food brand, I wanted some inspiration there. The imagery is just beautiful and I love the quite minimal layout. All of the images showcase food in such an interesting and beautiful way, I just had to bring this one home for reference!

Lunch Lady

Lunch Lady is structured a little more like your usual magazine, with interviews, features, and photography all about food and family. It’s an Aussie magazine that always makes me feel happy and cosy, it manages to be super friendly and inspiring. The design is amazing, I love the scrapbook style of patterns collated with words and imagery, and the small but chunky size, with it’s cloth binding makes it feel like a proper object. I had to get this issue for the feature with one of my favourite weavers, Allyson Rousseau.

Printed Pages

I’m sure most people are familiar with this magazine from It’s Nice That, and my boyfriend has a about a million issues now (lucky for me!). They always have the strongest covers and an eclectic mix of art, photography, design and illustration. My absolute favourite cover features are this one with images from photographer Tadao Cern who snapped people unawares on beaches, and the SS16 issue with imagery from ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’. Beautifully interesting words accompany the visuals - a must if you want inspiration outside of your specific discipline.