Graphic Design: Tech and Stationery I use

My desk is super old and definitely not what I’d choose now (90s silver legs – ew) BUT it is huge and so I thought I’d put up with it for a little longer. It’s actually a really horrible orange laminate wood colour so I covered it in sticky backed white vinyl which works wonders! (I got mine from the Bristol scrap store for pennies but Wilkinson sells a similar version here).

Lazy Land

I was down in London recently and stumbled upon Lazy Oaf’s exhibition ‘Lazy Land’. I didn’t know it was on but it wasn’t hard to miss the giant inflatable entrance!  I’ve always loved Lazy Oaf, their playful branding is so perfect coupled with the pastel colours. The exhibition marks their 15th anniversary, they had some …

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Concrete Pots

Jack and I have been making concrete pots all summer, I can’t stop buying plants so they all need little homes! We’re going to sell some on Depop and Etsy so follow us on @ford_wells. I also might sell some weaves (not hair – the wall hanging ones) so keep an eye out! Had some fun taking these photos too, been loving photo styling images on Pinterest recently so wanted to try it out. Needed to occupy myself this summer until I get a job!