Graphic Design: Tech and Stationery I use

Graphic Design: Tech and Stationery I use

My desk

My desk is super old and definitely not what I’d choose now (90s silver legs – ew) BUT it is huge and so I thought I’d put up with it for a little longer. It’s actually a really horrible orange laminate wood colour so I covered it in sticky backed white vinyl which works wonders! (I got mine from the Bristol scrap store for pennies but Wilkinson sells a similar version here).

Samsung Monitor

As I have the smaller 13inch screen laptop, I wanted a monitor for when I work from home. This one is pretty good, don’t think it’s anything special but it does double up as a TV in case I ever need it for that instead.

Graphic Design: Tech and Stationery I use

iPhone 7

I loooooove the camera on this phone. It’s one of the main things I use my phone for so I’m super happy with this. Not so happy with the lack of a headphone jack though. I didn’t think it would bother me but it just makes everything so much more clunky and annoying the countless times I have gone to plug in my headphones/speakers and found that I was missing the adapter (even though I have 3). WHY APPLE WHYYYY?

Anker Keyboard

I bought this recently for when I’m using my monitor so I can put my laptop to one side. It’s rechargeable which I like (no fiddling with batteries), wireless and only £17.

Moleskine Notebook

Everything seems to be digital now but I still love having a notebook, I’ve always enjoyed writing things down, I think I find writing quite therapeutic. My notebook is mainly full of to do lists and initial ideas now. I like having a square notebook as then I can draw and write in it neatly so a moleskin is perfect for this. My favourite is the white, squared medium one. I always buy them from Amazon as they’re much cheaper on there.

Muji Erasable Pen

I don’t know if it’s weird that I have a favourite pen but this is my all time favourite that I discovered last year. Before this one it was an ultra fine Pilot that I could only get at Paperchase. But this one tops that as it’s ERASABLE. Literally blew my mind when I saw it. I hate scribbling things out on a page (I was always that person with Tippex at school) so this is just amazing. It also has a nice grey colour to it, just love it (if anyone can love a pen that much!).

Graphic Design: Tech and Stationery I use

Macbook Pro Retina 13inch

I updated my MacBook a couple of years ago and I LOVE the retina screen. Once you’ve had it you really can’t go back! However I’m not so impressed with the anti-reflective coating wearing off, I’ve been meaning to take it into the Apple store for them to sort out.

Apple Charger Adapter

Using my laptop for work means I am completely reliant on it. I recently left my charger in London and so I bought this adapter so I could use my boyfriend’s old apple charger until I got my one back. Was a lifesaver and saved me having to shell out £70 for a new one – the adapter is just £10 from the apple store.

Graphic Design: Tech and Stationery I use

Wacom Intuous Tablet

This is a recent addition and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I saw so many reviews online saying how much it speeds up workflow but I’m still just getting used to it! Although I am loving how easy it is to edit photos and draw straight into Illustrator. I found the best price on Amazon.

Graphic Design: Tech and Stationery I use


Handbrake is another amazing free app for converting video files. I discovered it back when I got the first video iPod and wanted to put DVDs on it (must have been for the novelty – those screens were about 3cm wide!!). But I’ve been loving it recently for converting a huge video file into a much, much smaller one with no loss of quality. It’s amazing.


Automator is amazing for basically automating your workflow. If you have to do a repetitive task it does it for you. I haven’t investigated it’s full potential yet but I’ve recently been finding it very useful for saving pdfs into much smaller file sizes.


Does what it says on the tin – it’s a Chrome add-on that tells you what font is being used on a webpage.

Clipboard History

This is AMAZING and often a life saver. It stores whatever it is you’ve copied to the clipboard. So you can copy many things at once, or keep multiple hex codes up there ready for pasting. It’s also helped me when a program crashes and you realise you have some stuff stored up there!

Image Capture

I’ve always found the Mac Photos app super annoying (I don’t want to put things in albums I want them in the actual folders!) so I love using Image Capture for importing my photos as it’s so much lighter.


Since I’m paranoid about something happening to my laptop and therefore I wouldn’t be able to work, I now store everything on Dropbox with it automatically syncing. It also means I can easily get to files if I’m not on my laptop, and if something did happen I could always borrow my boyfriends or my mum’s laptop and still have all the files. On top of this I also do time machine backups, but I love that with dropbox I can access everything all the time – even from my phone.