1234567 1 | Boat trip in Malta, 2 | Ice cream in Salcombe, 3 | Love Saves the Day festival in Bristol (disposable camera), 4 & 5 | Parklife Festival (disposable camera), 6 | St Julians in Malta, 7 | View from apartment in Malta
I have had such a fun summer and managed to pack quite a lot in! We all know how amazing the weather has been this year which has just made everything so much better, especially as I couldn’t really afford a long sunny holiday abroad this summer.

First of all I went to Love Saves The Day festival in Bristol which was so much fun. I went last year and so I was excited to hear that it was on for 2 days this year. I heard some great music (the highlight definitely being Chic) and danced A LOT. I thought that nothing could top that weekend but then I went to Parklife festival in Manchester which was just the best. It was super hot and had an amazing line up, although we were having too much fun to really notice who was playing when. I do remember Example was amazing live even though I’m not a massive fan of him usually! Although the festival was generally pretty badly organised (gigantic queues for flooded loos) I had an amazing time with my friends.

As a family we went to Salcombe for the week. I’d never been before but I’d definitely like to go again, it’s such a pretty place and we managed to find an apartment that overlooked the sea. I ate an awful lot that week, and had an icecream everyday – it was brilliant! The weather wasn’t great but we managed to have a couple of days sitting on the beach at least. After that I went to Malta for a very quick holiday for my friends birthday as her boyfriend has an apartment there (amazing). We just went for the weekend (as you do) and hired a boat on the first day and then spent the next day hungover in the nearby hotel pool. It was over far too quickly but we were so fortunate to be able to have such a quick and cheap holiday in an amazing location!

So there’s a round up of my summer, as an attempt to do more lifestyle posts! I hope no one thinks I’m bragging, I just wanted to do a post to share some of the things I got up to. This has definitely been one of the best summers I’ve ever had, which unfortunately ended with my finding out that I might have to have a couple of operations later in the year (I have dodgy hips) so I was very fortunate to be able to do all these things while I physically still can.