Top | Primark, Culottes | ASOS, Coat | Topshop,
 Earrings | Urban Outfitters
Hello! Happy new year! I’m so sad that it’s boring January again but at least the days are slowly getting longer again. I think it should be allowed for all the Christmas lights to be left up during January just to add a big of cheer to this boring month!

I’ve finally had my hair done again, my roots were getting so bad and this time I’ve had it cut even shorter. I’ve started going to Essensuals in Shrewsbury and have been well impressed. I hate it when hairdressers act like hair is all there is to your life and tell you off for not taking care of it, Essensuals are just really friendly and seem to know exactly what style I want.

Decided to try somewhere different to take these photos, with my sister helping me out and getting annoyed at me for hiding the camera whenever someone would walk past. I just find taking outfit photos really embarrassing! Anyway I was really pleased to find this top in Primark, it only ended up being ¬£2 – it’s unusual for me to find good bargains like that! I love this coat too, I seem to have found a ridiculous amount of coats that I love this year. Unfortunately I can’t afford them all but I hoped that this one would do me for next year too as it isn’t such a specific style that I could go off. For clothing that expensive I want something I won’t regret!